The Dakar has begun

4 Jan 2021

Angelo Pedemonte, motorcyclist of the RT73 Team branded FPS Automation, has concluded the first stage of the Dakar 2021, from Jeddah to Bisha, 345 kilometers of transfer and 277 kilometers of special stages.

A very hard stage, during which Pedemonte crashed twice, fortunately without consequences.

Episode 4 – This Dakar has to be done

Episode 3 – Boarding time

Episode 2 – The Dakar 2021 route

Episode 1 – FPS Automation at the Dakar Rally 2021



Who is Angelo Pedemonte

An entrepreneur but always passionate about motorsport, especially long raids in unknown territories, those that involve driving not only from a physical point of view, but above all in navigation and in the choice of routes. The sense of orientation must necessarily be part of the wealth of experience and Pedemonte says he found his gym in Morocco and in the numerous International Rally in which he raced, gaining considerable experience in the use of the Ertf and Iritrack navigation systems. For several consecutive years I raced on the famous dunes of the Merzouga Rally, always finishing the race, apart from a retirement due to injury. Now it is for the race of the races, for the Dakar that everyone fears but everyone aspires to.

The history of the Dakar

The legendary Paris-Dakar, since the second half of the seventies, represents the goal and dream of all drivers (cars, motorcycles and trucks) passionate about rallying in the desert. The historical route included the departure from Paris and the arrival in Dakar, Senegal. The competition, during which epic and even tragic pages of motor sports were written, was finally canceled in 2008 when the deterioration of the political situation in the Western Sahara area no longer guaranteed safety for the drivers. The competition (which kept the name of Dakar) was moved to South America for a few editions and then arrived, in 2020, in Saudi Arabia.

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Chronicle from the Dakar 2021

Chronicle from the Dakar 2021

This is the story of the Dakar 2021, the historic off-road competition in which Angelo Pedemonte participates, with the RT73 Team branded by FPS Automation. See you next Dakar Unfortunately Angelo Pedemonte was forced to retire, the bruises suffered in the bad fall of...

This Dakar has to be done

This Dakar has to be done

In recent days there have been alarming news on the feasibility of the tender, the restrictions have come to close all ports and airports, the worst was feared, but the A.S.O. has tried everything to ensure that the long-awaited Dakar has its course. Pilots and teams...

Dakar Rally 2021: boarding time

Dakar Rally 2021: boarding time

From 1 to 3 December, the port of Marseille hosted the boarding of vehicles that will participate in the Dakar Rally 2021, scheduled in Saudi Arabia from 3 to 15 January. Among these vehicles also the motorbike of our Angelo Pedemonte, sponsored by FPS Automation. 679...

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