Industrial automation

Our in-depth knowledge in various industrial fields has led us over the years to launch a specific business unit for the design and development of customised automation systems, integrated into the customer’s lines and meeting the most specialised needs, with particular reference to loading of parts, such as sprues, assemblies and artificial vision for quality control.

Automation for the manufacture of sunglasses

High quality mechanics, electronics and EOATs in this automation for the manufacture of sunglasses.

The automation for quality control of filters for coffee capsules

Plastik.03, the automation for quality control of filters for coffee capsules. The machine, after checking through a camera, selects the filters sending those corrected to the further production phase while discarding the defective ones.

Carton form automation

Complete with depalletization system made with an anthropomorphic robot

Automation for cutting sprues

Technical detail of the household appliance sector, courtesy of Soc. Caminada Srl.

Packaging automation for AB WHEEL

Impressive assembly automation Lar makes italian production competitive and excellent in quality.

Flacon capper

Automation for sealing products in the cosmetic sector.