Paolo Vanin is the new operation and internal sales manager of FPS Automation

9 Sep 2020

Paolo Vanin is the new operation and internal sales manager of FPS Automation. A new entry into the team of the company founded by Fabrizio Peppi which testifies to the commitment put in place in the renewal. Vanin’s arrival follows that of Giuseppe Cardovino, the new Sales Manager, a few weeks later.

“I come from Brescia – Paolo Vanin tells himself – and I have a long commercial experience behind me in the field of components for gripping hands and automation. When Fabrizio Peppi and Giuseppe Cardovino, with whom I worked for a long time, offered me to join the team, I accepted with enthusiasm because this company is showing great potential for improvement and this also offers me prospects for professional and personal growth which, in other larger and more internationalized situations, they usually fail ”.

Change doesn’t have to be easy, however.

“Of course, change is always a challenge. In my case, changing after many years passing from one company to another is certainly challenging: different dimensions and therefore more direct relationships, different management systems, new colleagues, new environment, new problems to face and solve. But I have to say all this is stimulating. I see great potential in FPS and I am happy to get involved here and now. This is a historic moment for FPS because it is a company that is itself facing changes that, I hope, they will lead it to be more and more a reference on international markets, with its ability to express solutions and quality “.

Paolo Vanin - FPS Automation

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