No finish line for both Rossi and Rodrigo at Phillip Island

Two hard collisions decided the fate of Team Kömmerling Gresini Moto3, who came out empty handed also a Phillip Island – adding to a negative streak of results that has been lasting for a few Grand Prix now.

The first to leave the race was Riccardo Rossi, whose encounter only lasted a couple of corners: it was Darren Binder the one hitting the Italian, who was forced to an early retirement after escaping uninjured from the crash. Gabri Rodrigo’s performance lasted a few more laps as the Argentine was among the protagonists of the Moto3 race early on. With eight laps left, Fernandez collided with Rodrigo, who found himself in the gravel without really knowing why.

No points and a lot of regrets for both standard bearers of Gresini, who will need to bounce back from this disappointing result as Malaysia awaits from next Friday.

Team Kommerling Gresini

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