An industrial automation line for sports glasses

FPS Automation has designed and built an industrial automation line for the processing of glasses for sports use. A path that starts from the casting and molding of the frame and the eyewear rods with injection sockets. The components are then deposited in a sliding pallet line on a specially shaped carpet to make the most of the spaces.

Anti-scratch treatment of the lenses and removal of the casting attachment

Subsequently, one of the five robots placed on the automation line picks up the lens, inserts it in the frame and passes the piece into the line for the anti-scratch treatment. Once the anti-scratch treatment has been completed, the same robot picks up the lenses from the frame again and moves them to a second carpet, where the casting attachment will be exported, a fundamental operation to then be able to insert them into the frame. Ultrasonic technology with cutting function is used to remove the casting attachment. The area where the casting is exported is then mechanically finished with a milling at a speed of 22,000 rpm.

The glasses are ready for assembly

In the last station, the glasses are ready and inserted into the automation line for assembly with the temples. On the same rods the casting connections have already been removed and the side pad printing has been printed.


A detail of the industrial automation line for sports glasses

A detail of the industrial automation line for sports glasses

Automazione industriale per linea di occhiali sportivi

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