Our design, development, and production activities are continuing

11 Mar 2020

In full compliance with the rules set by the Italian government, and by the authorities of our Emilia-Romagna region, our design, development, and production activities are continuing. We produce 90% of our items internally and deliveries are insured.

Our component suppliers, in turn, guarantee us supplies. Our warehouses are well assorted with components and we are able to assemble in a week.

Our company has been structured for smart-working for years and each of our production lines operates with 4.0 protocols. Furthermore, we have arranged specific shifts in order to minimize any risk. We have also provided training for all staff to comply with all hygienic-sanitary provisions. We wear masks, gloves, and proceed to sanitize rooms and equipment at regular intervals.

Thanks to the technologies we are also available to our customers through video conferencing and remote technical assistance.


FPS Automation COVID-19

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