Greta Peppi talks about FPS on the Privarsa Youtube channel

3 Mar 2021

An interview with our CEO Greta Peppi has been published on the Privarsa Youtube channel. Privarsa is the main Mexican producer of supplies for the molding of plastic components, a sector in great expansion in the country of Central America.

The interview is part of the ‘Podcast del Plástico‘, a broadcast that deals with the theme of automation, in this case of gripping hands and industry in the plastic sector.

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Greta Peppi first presented the company, born from the experience of her father, Fabrizio Peppi, who founded FPS Automation – FP Services after years of work in the field of automatic machines and components for machines for plastic molding. Over the years FPS, which develops and manufactures gripping hands and customized automatic machines, has exported 80% of its production to Europe and America, in particular Germany, England, Mexico and Brazil.

Subsequently, the interview focused attention on the innovations introduced by industry 4.0, in particular on the difference between the use of automatic machines in the American and European markets, where industry 4.0 is more developed, given that the needs of automating processes are often linked to the need to work in smaller environments and automation processes are seen as a substitute for labor, the cost of which is on average higher than the rest of the world.

Speaking directly about FPS Automation and the plastics sector, Greta Peppi highlighted how the company, when it started producing the first lines, was favored by the fact that it was already working in this field, so it knew the needs of this world, a factor that has allowed FPS Automation to have an advantage over the competition.

As for the future, at this time still uncertain due to the pandemic, the CEO of FPS Automation highlighted how the automotive supply chain, a sector of fundamental importance, has been divided, then focusing on the growing demand for hybrid models or electrical. These cars will increasingly need plastic parts in order to reduce the weight of the vehicles and, consequently, consumption. For this reason, an increase in demand for ever thinner and lighter plastic materials is expected and, therefore, a demand for solutions for gripping and handling more precise components, which allow a further step forward in the quality of work.


PRIVARSA was founded in 1992 in Monterrey City with the aim of offering hot runner bases, components and systems within the plastics industry in Mexico. PRIVARSA mainly represents the PCS brand, a manufacturer of molding supplies. Over the years, Privarsa has established itself as the most important Mexican supplier in this sector.

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